Collaborate Partnership - Avlaki Mission Blue Hope Spot, Lesvos Greece
October 5, 2017

Lesvos is an historical Greek Island, home to important ancient personalities like poet Sappho, a way-station between the Aegean and Black Seas, as well as a modern crossroad used by migratory birds and a focal point of the European humanitarian crisis. 

On the north coast of Lesvos in the waters off the village of Petra, lies a marine area called Avlaki that boasts magnificent assemblages of aquatic birds, marine mammals and vibrant reefs in an impressive volcanic environment. As in most of the Aegean, fishing and other human impacts over the centuries have degraded the marine environment. Yet, the area still shimmers with life and attracts eco-tourists from around the globe. 

The team at WAOF are proud of our collaborative partnership and collaboration with the champions of the Avlaki Mission Blue Hope Spot on education projects such as the Blue Heart Initiative and Young Innovators competition bringing together schools from Geraldton, Lesvos and San Francisco.

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